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Proposed Postgraduate Research Projects

The following projects or project areas are proposed for the consideration of prospective postgraduate research students. If any of these appeal to you, contact Dr. David Redmond, Postgraduate Coordinator. You can also read about
current research projects.

Differential Geometry/Algebraic Topology/Variational Methods (MSc/MLitt/PhD)

Dr. Stefan Bechtluft-Sachs

Potential topics:

  • Invariants for Harmonic Maps into Homogeneous Spaces
  • Numerical Analysis: Small Dirac-eigenvalues of homogeneous spaces
  • Calculus of Variations: Tension field and Index of Energies with polynomial density
  • Lie group actions and Curvature: G-manifolds with few orbit types

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Statistical Modelling in Environmental and Ecological Science. (MSc/PhD)

Dr. Caroline Brophy

My research interests are in the development and application of statistical modelling techniques to non-standard situations in Ecology and Environmental Science. The Statistical topics I am particularly interested in are mixture models, functional relationship models, multinomial models, mixed models, methods for modelling data with large numbers of missing or zero values, methods for predicting the mean response without bias from non-linear models and bootstrapping methods for assessing predictions from non-linear models. The Ecological and Environmental topics I am currently working on are climate change, biodiversity in grassland systems, competition in a range of ecological systems, and genotypic variability in allergenic plant species.

Ring Theory or Geometric Analysis (MSc/MLitt/PhD)

Professor Stephen Buckley

Potential topics in ring theory include:

  • Combinatorial ring theory.
  • Notions of isoclinism and isologism for rings.

Potential topics in geometric analysis include:

  • PoincarĂ©-type inequalities.
  • Curvature and convexity on metric spaces.
  • Quasiconformal mappings and mappings of finite distortion.

More details.

Diophantine Approximation and Measure Theory (MSc/MLitt/PhD)

Dr. Detta Dickinson

  • Simultaneous Diophantine Approximation.
  • Diophantine Approximation on Manifolds.
  • Hausdorff Measure and Dimension.

Bayesian methods of statistical inference: (MSc/MLitt/PhD)

Dr. Katarina Domijan

  • Dimension reduction methods for classification of micro-array data
  • Semi-supervised kernel classification of high-dimensional data
  • Fast approximations to posterior distributions that arise in the implementation of Bayesian kernel classifers
  • Parameter estimation of large crop models.

Statistical computing and graphics: research projects. (MSc/PhD)

Dr. Catherine Hurley

Potential topics include:

  • Applications of Grand Tour Methods.
  • Regression Analysis: a graphical user interface.
  • Interactive display methods for large datasets.

Algebraic Number Theory and Mathematics Education (MSc/MLitt/PhD)

Dr. Ciarán mac an Bhaird

In Algebraic Number Theory I am working on Gauss' Sums and Cyclotomic Numbers. I am currently working with the computer package Singular in order to investigate these topics further. In Mathematics Education I am interested in the impact that additional interventions and new teaching initiatives can have on students. I am also interested in the role of the History of Mathematics as both an aid to teaching and a method to increase student understanding.

Classical Analysis/Number Theory/Combinatorics(MSc/PhD)

Dr. Pat McCarthy

Pat McCarthy is interested in Classical Function Spaces and the inequalities which arise in their study. Examples include HP, LP and Lipschitz spaces.

He has worked on convergence problems for Fourier series and extremal properties of certain orthogonal polynomials. Currently he is examining generalisations of Carleson Interpolation Sequences.

Another interest is Number Theory, cryptography, and the implementation of cryptographic routines and cipher attacks on microprocessors.

Character Theory of Finite Groups (MSc/MLitt/PhD)

Dr. John Murray

Potential topics include:

  • Recent conjectures concerning the ordinary characters of finite groups.
  • Modular representations of sporadic simple groups.
  • Structure of blocks with dihedral or quasidihedral defect group.
  • Open problems in Jenning's theory.
  • Noncommutative symmetric functions.
  • Specht modules for the prime 2.
  • Gelfand-Zetlin algebra for Coxeter groups.
  • Integral representation theory:lattices and orders.
  • Experimentation with GAP: an interactive computer programme for groups and algebras.

Stability Theory / Mathematics Education / History of Mathematics (MSc/MLitt/PhD)

Dr. Fiacre Ó Cairbre

Fiacre Ó Cairbre's research interests are currently in the three areas of stability theory, history of mathematics and mathematics education. He is working on the stability of certain types of switching systems. He is also working on the history of mathematics and resource materials for second level mathematics teachers.

Real and Complex Analysis (MSc/MLitt/PhD)

Professor A.G. O'Farrell

Potential topics include:

Problems of approximation, capacities, function spaces, geometry, and algebras of functions.

Mathematics Education (MSc/MLitt/PhD)

Dr. Ann O'Shea

Possible topics include:

  • Task Design and Implementation
  • Advanced Mathematical Thinking
  • Affect in Mathematics

Joint Projects: Dr. Ann O'Shea and Dr. Ciaran Mac an Bhaird

Potential topics include:

  • Student Engagement and Motivation
  • Evaluation of Teaching Initiatives

Group Theory (MSc/MLitt)

Dr. David Redmond

Potential topics include: 

  • Study of Group theory, Ring theory, Galois theory, ordinary character theory and, in particular, Modular character theory to be able to understand and write an intelligent and intelligible report on some major results in the area of character theory, such as the Brauer-Suzuki theorem on Quaternion 2-sylow subgroups and/or the Glauberman 2* - theorem.
  • Study of group theory, ordinary character theory and other algebraic techniques so as to understand and write an intelligent and intelligible report on both the classification of the Frobenius groups and the classification of the Zassenhaus groups.

Algebraic/Differential Geometry (MSc/MLitt/PhD)

Dr. Anthony Small

Potential topics include: 

  • MSc/MA problems relating Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces
  • MSc/MA problem in Gauge Theory/Complex Geometry
  • PhD problems from the differential geometry of surfaces, twistor theory and Yang-Mills.

More details.

Differential Geometry(MSc/PhD)

Dr. David Wraith

Projects related to the geometry and topology of Riemannian manifolds with curvature bounds.

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